Daewoo Express Contact Number

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Get Daewoo Express contact number here. We have added all the contact information about Daewoo Express for the local passengers. You need to read this post and get the Daewoo number for the city that you want. We have added the number list for all the cities in Pakistan so you can contact Daewoo easily. Moreover, you can get the UAN or helpline number of Daewoo and contact them for any type of information.

Daewoo Express Contact Number for All Cities in Pakistan

Daewoo Express Contact Number
Name of the CityDaewoo Contact Number
Faisalabad(041) 111 007 008
Multan0335 4509024
Islamabad(051) 2892125
Lahore(042) 111 007 008
Karachi0331 9933447
Sargodha(048) 111 007 008
Peshawar0304 1117008
Swat(0946) 751040
Bahawalpur(062) 111 007 008
Abbottabad(0992) 384718
Sahiwal0304 1117008
Mian Channu(065) 2665454
Haripur(0995) 610151
Sialkot0311 4515620
Kohat(0922) 864050
Dera Ghazi Khan(064) 2472481
ChichaWatni0306 8555509
Gujranwala(055) 111 007 008
Hyderabad0333 4199249

How to Contact Daewoo Express on the Phone?

Here is the complete and step-by-step method about how to contact Daewoo Express on a phone call.

Find the Number:

If you want to talk to Daewoo Express, you need to find the right phone number for your city. Look at the list above and find your city’s name. Next to it is the Daewoo Express contact number.

Dial the Number:

Now, you need to dial the number on your phone. It’s like calling a friend. For example, if you’re in Faisalabad, you dial (041) 111 007 008. Ask another person for help if you’re not sure how to dial.

Wait for Answer:

After you dial, wait for someone to pick up the phone. It might take a few rings. Be patient, and wait for the representative to attend your call.

Speak Clearly:

When someone answers, speak clearly. You can say something like, “Aslam o Alikum, I want to ask about Daewoo Express.” And then explain your query.

Ask Questions:

If you have questions, ask them. For example, you could ask about bus schedules or how to buy a ticket. It’s okay to ask for help if you don’t understand something.

So this is the method that you can use to contact Daewoo Express easily. However, you need to keep balance in your mobile phone as these calls will be charged by your mobile network.


Can I use the same Daewoo Express contact number for different cities?

No, each city has its own specific Daewoo Express contact number. So look at the list above to find the one for your city.

Is there a special number for general information about Daewoo services?

Yes, you can use the UAN or helpline number (Universal Access Number) for any type of information about Daewoo Express services.

Can I contact Daewoo Express through email instead of the phone?

Daewoo Express primarily uses phone communication. You can find the contact number for your city in the list provided above for assistance. However, if you want to contact them by email then you can use the official email of Daewoo Express: info@daewoo.com.pk.

What should I do if I can’t reach Daewoo Express on the provided contact number?

If you’re having trouble, try calling again after a little while. If the issue persists, you can visit the nearest Daewoo Express terminal. Also, you can contact them via email.

Is there a specific time when I should call Daewoo Express for better assistance?

Daewoo Express contact numbers are usually available during their operating hours. It’s recommended to call during the day for quicker and more effective assistance.

Can I book a Daewoo Express ticket over the phone?

Yes, you can inquire about ticket booking procedures and availability by calling the Daewoo Express contact number for your city.

What information should I have ready before calling Daewoo Express?

It’s helpful to know your city and what specific information or assistance you need. For example, if you’re in Lahore, have your questions about Lahore services ready.

Are there any additional charges for calling the Daewoo Express contact number?

Yes, standard call charges will apply. So you can check with your phone service provider for details regarding any additional charges.

Can I use social media to contact Daewoo Express instead of calling?

While Daewoo Express primarily uses phone communication, you can check their official website or social media pages for updates and information.

What should I do if I lose my ticket and need assistance?

If you lose your ticket, it’s best to contact the Daewoo Express helpline for guidance. They can provide instructions on what steps to take next.

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