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Daewoo Express online booking for all cities is now open. If you are looking for Daewoo Express tracking, Daewoo ticket price, or Daewoo Express contact number then you can get everything on this web page. Also, get a complete bus schedule for all the terminals.

Daewoo is offering luxury transportation services in Pakistan. If you want to travel from one city to another, the Daewoo bus service is one of the best in 2023.

So book your ticket, get information about bus fare, and embark on your journey today!

Daewoo Express

Daewoo Express
Bus Service NameDaewoo Express
No. of Bus Fleet450
Founded In1997 (Pakistan)
Owner of Bus CompanySammi Corporation

Daewoo has gained a reputation in the field of bus transportation services in Pakistan. The bus service that was started in 1997 with only a few resources now has over 400 bus fleets and 60 bus terminals. The bus service is solely designed for the Pakistani nation. They have all types of amenities to entertain the passengers.

Daewoo Express is part of the Daewoo Group, a South Korean conglomerate that has diverse business interests.

The buses of Daewoo Express are equipped with amenities such as air conditioning, comfortable seating, and entertainment options. These amenities make long-distance journeys more pleasant for passengers. 

Additionally, the company places a strong emphasis on punctuality and safety, contributing to its positive image in the transportation industry in Pakistan.

Daewoo Express Online Booking

If you are looking to buy a ticket for Daewoo Express online then you are in the right place. We have added all the guides for you about how to book tickets online. You can also reserve your seats in advance if you do not want to purchase the tickets.

Here is how to book a Daewoo Express bus seat online:

  1. Open your web browser and go to Daewoo Express’s official website. Or you can use third-party solutions like Sastaticket and Bookme.
  2. Open the website and choose your destination city and departure city as well. For example, if you are living in Faisalabad and you want to travel to Multan, then you need to choose Faisalabad as your departure city and Multan as your destination city.
  3. Now move to the next step and choose your seat. You can choose the seat that will be available at the time of booking.
  4. Go to the next step and pay for your ticket. You can use your debit card to pay the bus fare online.
  5. Now get your ticket and visit the bus terminal at the time of traveling.

Daewoo Express Ticket Price – Latest Updated Prices

Daewoo Express is generally known for providing affordable services, making it an attractive option for many travelers in Pakistan. The company strives to offer a balance between comfort and cost-effectiveness, making long-distance travel accessible to a wide range of passengers. With a reputation for reliable and punctual services, Daewoo Express continues to be a popular choice for individuals seeking quality transportation at reasonable prices.

Here is the list of all the Daewoo Express ticket prices for 2023.

Traveling RoutesTicket Prices (2023-24)
Lahore to FaisalabadPKR 1590
Lahore to RawalpindiPKR 1590
Multan to RawalpindiPKR 1670
Lahore to KarachiPKR 4300
Lahore to MultanPKR 1060
Lahore to PeshawarPKR 1600
Multan to FaisalabadPKR 1590

How to Track Daewoo Express Bus Booking?

Daewoo Express is offering real-time tracking of bus bookings. If you have booked a bus ticket online or offline you can track your seat booking easily. All you need to do is just visit the Daewoo official website and enter your ticket number to track your bookings.

Daewoo Express Bus Schedule

Daewoo Express has an advanced bus fleet that will let you reach your destination with comfort and entertainment. The punctuality of Daewoo Express is very strict. They provide convenience for passengers by maintaining a well-organized and efficient bus schedule. 

Daewoo Express understands the importance of providing a reliable and timely service to its customers So the company has established a comprehensive bus schedule that covers various routes across Pakistan. 

The advanced bus fleet ensures a comfortable journey, equipped with amenities such as air conditioning and entertainment options, enhancing the overall travel experience. The company’s commitment to strict punctuality further ensures that passengers can rely on Daewoo Express to reach their destinations on time. 

Whether it’s for business or leisure travel, Daewoo Express aims to offer a seamless and enjoyable journey for its passengers, making it a preferred choice in the realm of long-distance transportation in Pakistan.

Bus RoutesFirst Bus DepartureLast Bus DepartureTraveling Duration
Faisalabad to Multan7:00 AM11:00 PM2 Hours 30 Minutes
Lahore to Faisalabad7:00 AM11:00 PM2 Hours 15 Minutes
Multan to Islamabad7:00 AM12:00 AM06 Hours 30 Minutes
Islamabad to Karachi02:00 AM11:00 PM18 Hours 30 Minutes
Lahore to Karachi10:00 AM12:00 AM16 Hours 30 Minutes
Lahore to Multan5:00 AM02:00 AM04 hours

Daewoo Express Bus Fleet

Let’s have a look at the bus fleets of Daewoo Express.

Gold Class:

  • Seating Arrangement: These are 30-seater buses that have 2+1 seating arrangements.
  • Features: Gold Class buses are designed to provide a premium and more spacious travel experience. With a 2+1 seating arrangement, passengers enjoy a higher level of comfort and privacy. This class is ideal for those who prefer a more luxurious and exclusive travel option. The reduced seating capacity ensures more space for each passenger, enhancing the overall journey.

Super Luxury:

  • Seating Arrangement: These are 40-seater buses that have  2+2 seating arrangements.
  • Features: The Super Luxury buses are designed for a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. With a 2+2 seating arrangement, these buses provide a balance between capacity and comfort. Passengers can expect amenities such as air conditioning, entertainment options, and comfortable seating. Super Luxury buses are suitable for travelers who seek a good balance between affordability and a pleasant journey.


  • Seating Arrangement: These are 40-seater buses that have  2+2 seating arrangements.
  • Features: The Luxury buses also feature a 2+2 seating arrangement, providing a comfortable and affordable travel option. While not as exclusive as the Gold Class, Luxury buses still offer amenities such as air conditioning and entertainment to enhance the overall travel experience. This class is suitable for a wide range of passengers who prioritize both comfort and cost-effectiveness.

In summary, Daewoo Express offers a range of bus classes to cater to different preferences and budget considerations, ensuring that passengers have options that suit their specific needs for long-distance travel in Pakistan.

Amenities of Daewoo Express

WIFIStay connected on your journey with WIFI, allowing you to use the internet and stay in touch with friends and family while traveling on Daewoo Express buses.
Reclining SeatsEnjoy extra comfort with reclining seats that let you relax and find your perfect seating position during the journey.
Mobile Phone Charging PortsKeep your devices charged throughout the trip using the convenient mobile phone charging ports available on Daewoo Express buses.
Entertainment System (Android Tablets & Headphones)Have fun on the road with the entertainment system, including Android Tablets and headphones, ensuring an enjoyable travel experience for passengers of all ages.
Refreshments (Snacks, cold drinks)Stay refreshed with snacks and cold drinks provided onboard, so you can indulge in some treats while on the go.
ACStay cool and comfortable with air conditioning, ensuring a pleasant environment inside the bus regardless of the weather outside.
Pillows and BlanketsMake yourself cozy during the journey with pillows and blankets provided for a comfortable and restful experience.
NewspaperStay informed with complimentary newspapers available onboard, offering a relaxing way to catch up on the latest news.
Emergency Exit SystemYour safety is a priority; Daewoo Express buses are equipped with an emergency exit system to ensure quick and secure evacuation in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
ToiletDaewoo Express cares about your convenience; with an onboard toilet, you won’t have to worry about rest stops during your travel.

Daewoo Express Contact Number

For any inquiries or assistance with Daewoo Express services, passengers can easily reach out through the provided contact numbers. For mobile phone inquiries, individuals can contact Daewoo Express at 0304 1117008

Additionally, the company offers a Universal Access Number (UAN) for a more accessible and nationwide contact option, which is 111-007-008. 

Whether it’s about ticket information, bus schedules, or any other queries, these contact numbers serve as a convenient means for passengers to connect with Daewoo Express and receive the necessary support.

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