Faisal Movers Contact Number of MianChannu Terminal

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Customer service is one of the first things that makes a brand stand out from the crowd. When it comes to Faisal Movers, they definitely know how to treat their customers well. That is the reason, the company that was started in 2004 is now ruling the transportation industry in 2023. If you are looking for Faisal Movers contact number of X then you will get it here. Along with the contact number, we will also provide you with the terminal address of your specified terminal.

So don’t go anywhere, just scroll down to see all the contact details of Faisal Movers.

Why Choose Faisal Movers?

Faisal Movers is offering one of the best bus traveling services in Pakistan. This marvelous bus service was first driven in 2004 with only one bus and later it became the road prince of Pakistan. No matter what type of traveling you are looking for, FM will have an affordable option for sure.

The reason for choosing this company is their up-to-the-mark bus service. They have the latest and most luxurious buses in the town that you will not see anywhere in Pakistan. And when we say luxurious, it means all the latest amenities and refreshments while enjoying your journey.

Faisal Movers MianChannu Terminal Address and Contact Number

Faisal Movers Contact Number of

Address of TerminalMain G.T ROAD NEAR GUJJAR TRAVELS, MianChannu
Helpline Number0315-8222697
Book Ticket OnlineClick Here

How to Contact Faisal Movers?

If you need to contact Faisal Movers then it is as easy as cake. All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection. You can either make a direct call to their UAN number or you can download the app of Faisal Movers to contact FM easily.

No matter which method you prefer, both are easy and time-saving. If you want to talk with a customer service representative then you can make a call. However, if you want to use their Android app then you can also use that to chat with a customer service agent in real-time.


Where can I find the contact number of Faisal Movers?

You can find the contact number of Faisal Movers in the above table. Make a call and solve your problem or inquire about anything that you want to know.

Why does Faisal Movers’ contact number keep going busy?

In peak hours, you may face a busy line problem. However, you should keep trying with the contact number.

When can I call the helpline? Are there any specific working hours?

You can contact or call Faisal Movers anytime. The support and helpline are always on and you can use them anytime.


We hope this short guide on Faisal Movers contact will be helpful to you. We have done our job and now it’s your turn to follow this guide and solve your problem in no time. Moreover, you can send us your queries and we will try our best to respond to you. Until then, enjoy your journey and stay safe and sound. Thanks

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