Faisal Movers Contact Numbers

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Faisal Movers is known for its exceptional customer service. Whether you’re facing any difficulty during your travel or you want to submit a complaint, their dedicated customer service team is always available to help you. They strive to ensure that their customers have a smooth and comfortable travel experience. 

In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary Faisal Movers contact numbers in different cities and terminals. These contact numbers will enable you to easily get in touch with Faisal Movers’ customer service team, and quickly resolve any issues that you may encounter during your journey. So let’s start our guide!

Faisal Movers Contact Numbers for All Cities

Below are the Faisal Movers’ contact numbers for all the major cities of Pakistan. You can call on these numbers to find out anything.

Terminal City NameUANMobile Number
Rahim Yar Khan068-58877970315-9725597

How to Contact Faisal Movers?

If you need to contact Faisal Movers for any reason, there are two convenient ways to do so: via phone call or through their official website. To contact Faisal Movers by phone, simply dial the relevant phone number for your city or terminal. These contact numbers are provided above for your convenience. 

Alternatively, you can visit Faisal Movers’ official website and use their online contact form to submit your query or complaint. The customer service team at Faisal Movers is dedicated to providing timely and effective support to their customers, so you can rest assured that your concerns will be addressed promptly.

What is Faisal Mover’s Booking Number?

Below are the contacts details that you can use to make a booking with Faisal Movers:

  • UAN: 111-22-44-88
  • Mobile Phone Number: 0311-1224488
  • Website: faisalmovers.com.pk

You can use any of the above contact details and book your ticket easily. Also, you can book tickets online which is more convenient.

How to Book Faisal Movers Tickets Online?

For the utmost convenience, Faisal Movers is now offering online ticket booking for all loyal customers. This is a great step that will make you able to find the seat and book it online. There is no need to buy the tickets physically when you can buy them online.

All you need to do is just visit the website Bookkaru and book your ticket instantly. You can also check the time slots to make sure you get a seat at the right time. So visit the website www.bookkaru.com and book your Faisal Movers ticket now.


Who is the CEO of Faisal Movers?

The CEO of Faisal Movers is Khwaja Ahmad Shahzad.

How do I contact the Multan Faisal Mover terminal?

If you want to contact Multan Faisal Movers terminal, you need to dial 061-4517080.

How do I contact FM Multan?

There are two ways to contact FM Multan. You can call at 03111224488 or you can visit their official website to make contact with FM.

What is the number of Faisal Movers cargo services?

Dial 03116116666 for Faisa Movers cargo services.


In the end, we would say, contacting Faisal Movers is very easy. We have already explained everything in detail. Also, we have added contact numbers for all the major cities of Pakistan as well. So now all you need to do is grab your phone and make a call to those numbers. The customer service team of FM is very cooperative and you will find a solution to your problem immediately. Share this article with your friends so they can also get benefits from this article. Thanks

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